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Barringtons Investigations

Although we've branched out into all sorts of different sectors over the years, investigations has remained one of the Barrington Group's core focuses for more than 20 years. Initially tailored towards the hospitality industry, our investigations services now extend to countless industries. Our team have the experience necessary to get the job done, no matter the specific needs of a particular client or project.


Barringtons' investigations services


The Barrington's team of licensed investigators fall into two core categories - insurance and corporate - and each of these umbrellas contains a large and diverse group of different services. Because the range of investigation services that we provide is so broad, we're able to approach each project individually rather than trying to shoehorn everything into a set package. Experience has taught us just how unique the challenges and situations facing every company can be, which is why all work is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each client. When we're approached with a problem, we'll create a custom plan of action, and ensure that the most appropriate person from our team is placed on the case, in order to take advantage of their unique skills and experience.

Our team are experts at compiling and substantiating the necessary information and building a strong case. In addition, many of these projects are designed to not only gather evidence, but to actively identify ways to improve a business's operations. As an incredibly specific and complex field, businesses need to be able to rest easy knowing that an investigation is being carried out in an appropriate manner. This is where the depth of experience that our team possesses becomes not only valuable, but essential.

Types of investigations that Barringtons can assist with include:



General investigation services cover everything from motor vehicle and equipment theft through to arson and staged accidents. All of our investigators are experienced and possess the character and reputation crucial to ensure the right outcomes every single time. From liaising with clients in initial discussions through to presenting evidence in the clearest possible way, the highly qualified Barringtons team can provide a solution to a varied range of projects and operations.



When a civil claim is made against your business, it's critical to have all the relevant information at hand. Barringtons offers a full, comprehensive investigations service that helps compile evidence for any form of civil incident. These may include workplace assaults or sexual harassment cases, as well as workers compensation claims, product liability and general insurance claims.


Document investigation can be required in a broad range of areas, and is often necessary in cases of fraud or counterfeiting. If your business is facing these problems, Barringtons is able to provide a document examination service that includes identification of handwriting and signatures, distinguishing forgeries, detecting additions or substitutions, and restoring removed writing.


If you feel as though your premises have been compromised, technical counter surveillance becomes a priority. Barringtons offers technical counter surveillance reviews for sensitive areas, including an extensive physical and electronic search for any and all hidden devices. Every Barringtons investigator is qualified and trained to the highest standards, ensuring that every review is completed to the very best quality.


Insurance fraud is a highly unique area that requires a very specific set of skills. Investigations in this field are complex and Barringtons has developed a reputation as a leader in insurance-related claims, conducting work for both companies and claimants. Our insurance fraud investigation services cover areas such as workers compensation, public liability, product liability, and compensation claims.


Another one of the Barrington team's specialties is internal theft and fraud within businesses. If you believe that a theft or fraud has occurred, our investigative team will conduct an extensive audit and gather and and all relevant evidence. internal theft and fraud investigations include POS and cash handling operations, stock storage and cash holding areas and collusion among staff or with third parties.


Our team


Our investigations team prides itself on remaining independent and sensitive to the needs of each company in every project that we are involved with. With backgrounds in business and management, as well as law enforcement, our investigators are acutely aware of the importance of business continuity, and not compromising a client's day-to-day operations during the investigation process.

The entire Barrington's investigations team is fully licensed, ensuring high quality and reliability on every project that we undertake.

For more information on our investigation services, contact Barringtons today.

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